The following are my edits of images created by other artists,. They were edited with their permission,

and their original image remains protected by their copyright. . All rights reserved.

edited images © 2005 - 2008 e/tb. All rights reserved.




abs of peacham - in the style of chuck close - e (2007)





packing it on... - in the style of Cindy Sherman (2007)





tray photo 2 (2007)





wise men with painting of wise men (2007)





barnet icons (detail) (2007)






roadside sojourn v2 (2007)





6 pair (2007)





ndn and the girls (2007)





horse whisperer and ndn (2007)





'Comanche' - survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn

(from post card - Little Big Horn National Monument)





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