petro feeder lines (2007)





brushmarks (2007)





FOR SALE - 1961-65 Ruggedized GMC 'critter-crusher' a.k.a. Suburban (2007)

Remember driving your 'old lady' and friends to Woodstock in one of these?

AWD / 350 small block / some rust (nothing a little bondo wouldn't fix) / good rubber

Good shocks and big enough for > of 'rockin' .

Throw in some supplies . a couple of bottles of Boone's Farm Apple Wine and Mateus, a tent, and maybe the 'old lady'

(or her most current replacement) and you're ready for

that trip to Burning Man 2007!





St J senior's housing - rear view (2007)





electrical supply (2007)





MIT scientists send electricity through air - but in VT... (2007)





line couplings (2007)





feed store east exposure (2007)




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